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Grow sales, revenue and profit with Tradex Global  

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Improved Lifestyle

We'll leverage your business for greater returns so you can afford an improved lifestyle

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New Opportunities

Through our Chinese partners we'll show you how import/export can be a viable addition to your business.

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Sales Growth

Let us introduce you to new marketing opportunities and expanded sales potential.


Spending Replacement

We'll find ways to reduce cash expenses by substituting trade dollar spending.


Cash Conversion

We start with the end in mind and develop workable cash conversion strategies for each member.


Interest Free Overdraft

Members enjoy substancial trade dolar overdraft facilities, subject to individual circumstances.


Investment Property

Now you can grow a property portfolio by leveraging the power of your business.


Cars Boats Toys

Enjoy a selection of vehicles, recreational craft, aircraft and more on part trade.

We help to grow your business

More business leads and enquiries, from customers who value your services, at prices that deliver healthy margins.

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Fast Approvals

Joining Tradex Global is an easy and fast process, as is any of our trading transactions.

Advice 24/7

Think of us as business advisors. More accessable than your accountant, financial planner or banker, and able to assist when you need it.

Daily Opportunity Bulletins

Our system automatically generates a bulletin daily with fresh new opportunities to suit your business profile.

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