About Us

Elite Trading Group formed by experienced traders with a focus on property and big ticket items.

Welcome to Tradex the trade exchange designed exclusively for major trading and experienced no nonsense business transactions. If you’re in business and want to significantly improve turnover, profit and the results you are getting... consider joining. But be warned. Tradex is not for small minded business people. 
Your application may be by invitation, or by an introduction. We are an exclusive group of elite traders who think big.

What you WILL FIND:

  • Property at market valuation
  • Significant proportions of property, cars and boats on trade.
  • Integration with finance services
  • Active Traders with high volumes
  • LOW LOW FEES!!!!!!

What you WON’T FIND:

  • Overpriced items or property
  • Double dipping with fees
  • Tolerance for nil trading