Why Tradex Exchange?

10 Compelling Reasons

There are 10 compelling reasons to join Tradex Exchange over and above other exchanges out there:

1.     Reward system for trading. A reward will be credited to each members Tradex debit card equivalent to 20% of fees paid. This reward can be redeemed at any ATM or Eftpos terminal in Australia. All goods and services can be paid via the members Tradex card through this reward system without the intervention of a trade coordinator.

2.     The only system that you can purchase all your day to day purchases thru the exclusive Reward system via the Tradex Debit card. No brokers required to follow up items that you need, now by joining Tradex you immediately qualify for rewards equivalent to 20% of your cash fee's including you joining fee for membership loaded onto your Tradex debit card.

3.     Founded by traders, for traders. We are a group of elite traders with the sole intention of trading significant volumes on property, boats, cars and other large ticket items, at true market values.

4.     Lower Fees, and simplified processes with less red tape.

5.     Smarter systems- you’ll find our website a leader in online trading technology and the ability to set your buying profile, target property etc.

6.     Mix with the best. Membership is by invitation only and limited to elite traders who are accepted for membership after a careful screening process.

7.     Deal Makers. You will find our team at Tradex are specialists in trading. They understand how to complete deals. Talk to one of our Trade consultant’s now.

8.     No inflated prices. A property is at market valuation. Boats and Cars and other items are at fair market value. Unlike some other exchanges, items are not marked up for exchange.

9.     Assistance with finance. We’re able to arrange finance for property purchases and or lease/chattel mortgage for boats and cars.


10.   Nil Traders is something that we will address. It is not in our best interests for zero trading. So after consultancy between Tradex and the member, if a resolution is not reached than Tradex can negotiate a sale of the existing membership to a new member waiting to join.