Credit Repair

Bad Credit Reports are hazardous to your wealth creation

Our consultants have experience and knowledge of how to remove unfair, disputable and contestable negative listings from your credit file. In Australia we have a negative credit reporting system which means only negative marks show on your credit file.

Can prevent you from obtaining credit

These marks, defaults, clear outs, court judgements etc stay there for 5 years and in some cases make it impossible for individuals to obtain finance. Whether you paid the blemish or not, it stays there for the same amount of time, which for a lot of families and individuals create financial hardship and strain.

Stop paying excessive interest rates!

Once listed, you are placed into the credit impaired category. Obtaining a traditional loan through banking institutions is then very rare. Credit impaired clients are sometimes charged way in excess of the standard interest rate.

Let's see what is possible

Call us for a confidential assessment today. We promise nothing. But we do have a great deal of past success at clearing negative credit so that our clients may move forward with their portfolio growth.