Joining Tradex Exchange is simple. Select your preferred membership type:

Joining Fee $4,990
Fee on purchases 6.5% (no fees on sales)

Joining Fee $1,990
Fee on purchases 8.5% (no fees on sales)

Monthly Fees
Admin fee $12.50  per month, plus GST
Debt reserve fund $12.50  per month, plus GST

Stored Value Credit Card Fees as per Schedule 1

Reward system for trading
A reward will be credited to each members Tradex debit card equivalent to 20% of fees paid. This reward can be redeemed at any ATM or Eftpos terminal in Australia. All goods and services can be paid via the members Tradex card through this reward system without the intervention of a trade coordinator.

Real Estate Transactions
List your property for sale through Tradex and we’ll have it sold MUCH FASTER and at a BETTER PRICE than the current property cash market. If we broker a property sale, our in-house licensed real estate agent will charge standard REI rate (2.5% of purchase price, plus GST)

Often we’re able to assist purchasers in funding the trade component of a property purchase. Currency advances(TAA) arranged for the purpose of property acquisition will attract the same fees as a normal purchase within the exchange:
Gold Member 6.5% fee on purchase/ currency advance
Silver Member 8.5% fee on purchase/ currency advance

Want to join?
As Tradex Exchange is strictly limited membership, we are currently only accepting member nominations. Each application will be judged on the following criteria:

  1. Trade and personal references
  2. Demonstrated prior performance with trading
  3. Number of years in business
  4. Attitude to trading and goals for membership
  5. Ability to trade larger transactions